Alannah Hebard

Patent Engineer

When Alannah Hebard was a scientist for a world-renowned animal health pharmaceutical company, she worked on medications for pets.

It wasn’t just a professional mission. Her own dog, a great dane named Xander, had died from cancer the year before. As she painstakingly separated cell matter in search of a needed antibody, she felt like her work was for him.

Alannah can effortlessly explain how to isolate and purify monoclonal antibodies, then switch to poetic talk about how yoga puts her in closer touch with the world. She’s interested in everything.

She’s a citizen forester for Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, planting and tending trees and mapping the city’s urban canopy. Ask her why trees are so important, and you might find yourself signing up, too.

Alannah tackles each client’s project with the brains of a chemist, the determination of a research scientist and the compassion of a dog lover. Her two chihuahuas, Zephyr and Zara, can attest to that last part.

When she took classes in engineering, Alannah honed her skills in analytic thinking. Her time as a chemist means she can handle volatile experiments. Bring her your challenge, and stand back.



Western Michigan University (B.S. Biochemistry, 2013)