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Brad Dale


When Bradley Dale was a kid, he watched as his dad, a patent illustrator, drew pictures of the coolest creations.

Video game systems, Crayola toys and a captivating, jabbering, furry creature named Furby evolved from his dad’s skilled drawings. And Brad got to play with the toys’ prototypes.

Brad learned early on about the fascination of invention. The nerdy science kid who loved weather experiments and electronics kits went on to study physics, then law. Now he combines his technical skills with his natural curiosity, helping clients as they create the next new compelling inventions.

At home, his apartment balcony is stuffed with greenery. He grew a pomegranate tree from seeds. His orchids actually bloom. After he polishes off a creamy avocado, he plants the pit.

Brad knows that a stunning plant, like a stunning invention, starts with just a seed. He talks passionately about the power of potential, and the thrill of the next new thing.

He loves how every day on the job might bring something he’s never seen before. Just like when he was a kid, marveling at Furby for the very first time.

He can’t wait to see what you have on the drawing board.



Illinois State University (B.S. Physics, 2009); Thomas M. Cooley Law School (Juris Doctor Graduate, 2014)