Christa Marzke

Administrative Assistant

Christa Marzke lists smiling as her best job skill. Cheerful and effervescent, she considers it a sort of art form. Luckily for our clients, Christa is often the first person they see when the elevator doors slide open and they approach our front desk.

Years of working in retail means Christa has finely honed customer service skills. She’s also worked in marketing, coordinating special events. She knows how to make things happen. And she shares those skills as a volunteer, assembling sack dinners for youngsters through Kids Food Basket and helping families facing cancer at Gilda’s Club.

Christa’s a movie lover, but she tackles her viewing with an exacting plan. First, she watches batches of movie trailers, taking notes on the films she wants to see. Then she checks review sites online to winnow down the winners.

If she attacks her leisure time with this kind of precision, imagine how efficient and organized our front office is under Christa’s watch.

Come on over and see for yourself. Prepare to smile.



Grand Valley State University (Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing).