Chris Klimczak

Administrative Assistant

Chris Klimczak is always up for a new adventure. She likes the out-of-doors and has a passion for the excitement that is promised by new places, cultures and people. Her dream vacation destination is Italy, although she loved Ireland, made friends there and looks forward to going back. She's already been to the Caribbean, Mexico and all over the U.S. And yes, she's got great stories to tell.

She always travels with friends and makes more acquaintances along the way. Chris' travel skills also serve her well in her work with John McGarry and Tom Williams in McGarry Bair's U.S. Patent practice. There's never a dull moment and she always enjoys the opportunity to learn.

Chris' fluency with new ideas makes her a great asset to McGarry Bair. We have no doubt that she makes friends quickly and easily wherever she goes. Give her a call when you need help or great travel advice.



Davenport Career Center (Legal secretary certificate).