Hailey Jahn

Patent Agent

Hailey Jahn spent three years working in a medical research lab, testing cancer cells in Petri dishes as she determinedly searched for the chemicals that might kill them.

She knows all about the quest for new discoveries, and the need to try, try again. Now she puts those skills to work as a patent engineer, doggedly poring over a gigantic worldwide database as she helps clients figure out if they might have the next great idea.

Her patent searches reveal the most intriguing things. She loves being part of the discovery process, and compares it to solving big mysteries. She’s also discovered her home appliances are sadly out of date.

Hailey’s an adventurer who hiked the 11-mile Kalalau Trail in Kauai, Hawaii, one of the world’s most treacherous hikes. Scooting along a narrow path along a sheer cliff 400 feet above the ocean, she marveled at the views — and gulped. She’s afraid of heights.

She’s camped at Yellowstone National Park, waking to the sound of howling wolves. Here at home, her alarm clock is four dogs, including a 100-lb. mastiff-boxer mix she rescued after he was abandoned in an unheated empty house in the dead of winter.

Hailey’s master’s degree in cell and molecular biology means she’s a critical thinker. A problem solver. A mystery maven. Bring your challenge. She’ll tackle it with the determination of a research scientist. Or a cliff hiker.



Grand Valley State University (M.S. Cell and Molecular Biology, 2011); University of Michigan (B.S. Neuroscience, 2007)


Bar Admissions

Registered to Practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.