John F. Colligan
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John Colligan


John Colligan is a problem solver. He helped secure the patent for a dishwasher feature that gets the baked-on goo off your lasagna pan. He built a cabana in his back yard. His intellectual property expertise helped get a new airliner off the ground.

John loves to fix things, build things, and he's pretty good at demolition, too. He remodels houses — ripping out walls, installing new kitchens and, re-doing bathrooms. He says it helps him relax.

You’re on your own with that basement remodel, but if you need an intellectual property attorney, John’s your guy.

Bring your most complex legal issues. He can’t wait.

John owns a collection of Kentucky Derby glasses, toted home after sipping the classic mint juleps inside them. It’s how his kids named the family dog, Smarty Jones — after the winning Derby horse emblazoned on one glass. If it’s perfectly legal to name your dog after a Kentucky Derby horse, John would be the one to ask.



Michigan State University (B.S., Applied Engineering Sciences); Western Michigan University (M.A., Applied Economics); University of Dayton (Juris Doctor).