Jeanine Gasper

Patent Engineer

Jeanine Gasper was so high energy and exuberant when she was a kid, her dad used to say she had “loose electrons.” He was a physics teacher, which explains the unusual analogy. It also explains why he gave her a physics textbook when she was in first grade. Hmm, she thought. Interesting pictures.

The physics stuck. Jeanine won a prestigious science teaching fellowship and interned at Fermilab to learn about research in high-energy physics in order to help teach her own students. You’ve also likely driven across her handiwork. As a civil engineer, she was an inspector for the reconstruction of the U.S. 131 S-Curve in 2002 as well as the M6 U.S. 131 interchange construction.

Jeanine spent two winters in Guatemala, working on the construction of a vocational school that would prepare graduates with practical skills to aid in breaking the cycle of poverty. She feels compelled to change the world. She also flew a 10-seater Cessna airplane in Tanzania, when the carefree pilot said, sure, you can take the controls. She’s an adventurer who loves a new challenge.

Jeanine was a physics teacher for 10 years, first at a high school, then a university. It means she can take tricky concepts and boil them down in language the non-physics genius can understand. She helped invent a device to calm children with autism. So she knows about the toil, ingenuity, and patience it takes to create innovation.

We love how she examines problems from every angle. You will, too. A mother of four, she hung a sign in her kitchen that reads “Embrace the Chaos.” Think you can faze her? We dare you.



Wake Forest University (M.E. Science, 2005), Calvin College (B.S. Engineering, 2001)