Johanne Hrycuna

Administrative Assistant

In case you haven’t noticed, Johanne Hrycuna is a Harley Davidson fan.

Who are we kidding? Of course you noticed. There’s her Harley jacket, T-shirts, socks, sweatshirt, helmet, lanyard, magnets, poker chips, coffee mugs, metal garage signs, glasses, bandanas, hip purse, boots, jewelry, stickers, and her dog’s collar. Oh, and that happy, peaceful look about her that comes from a spin on the open road.

Johanne has been a motorcycle buff since high school, when she rode on the back of a friend’s bike and got hooked. She calls it her wind therapy.

She’s pretty hooked on her career in patent law, too. She’s been a patent law assistant and patent/trademark administrator for 25 years and still gets excited about inventors and their great ideas.

Johanne’s a wiz with all the complicated patent office web sites, rules and regulations. There are a million pieces to the process, and she continues to learn.

It’s in her blood now. Out and about, she finds herself looking for the little R in the circle to see if a product is registered. If not, she knows exactly how to do it.



Franklin Pierce University, Concord, New Hampshire (Paralegal Certificate).