Jenifer Butz

Patent Engineer

When Jenifer Butz was in high school chemistry class, she held a small vial of alkaline earth metals and heard her teacher say, “This stuff is dangerous — be careful.” If the tiny rocks touched water, they’d explode.

Intrigued, Jenifer extracted the tiny chunks with tweezers then tossed them down the wet sink drain. Kapow! The faucet blew right off the sink and water gushed everywhere.

Jenifer the Fearless went on to an internship in medicinal chemistry, developing antibiotics to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Later, as an organic chemist, she developed fungicides to protect various crops, and is a co-author on five different patents. She knows the toil, frustration, challenges and excitement that come with inventing something new.

A detail-oriented perfectionist who never gives up, Jenifer is fascinated by how things work and undaunted by any challenge. A half marathon runner, she learned how to swim just last year so she could begin competing in triathlons.

Hold onto your faucets — with Jenifer on your team, you can expect explosive results.



Western Michigan University (B.S. Health Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences, 1998)