Lindsay Oaster

Patent Engineer

Lindsay Oaster is an astrophysicist sheep farmer. That should mean she's always set for dinner party conversation — except things sometimes go awry. As in "Astrophysicist? Will you do my horoscope?"

Everybody loves sheep, though, and Lindsay's flock of woolly creatures includes rare Jacob sheep with black and white spotted fleece and four askew horns.

Lindsay loves rare things, like unique sheep and exploding supernovas. She knows how to scan the vast dark universe for one particular twinkling light. So if you have a rare idea destined for a patent, she's the one to research it.

As a college instructor, she taught teachers-in-training how to teach science, so she knows how to explain the most complicated concepts. Her master’s degree in astrophysics means she has plenty of brain power to unleash on your project. Her YouTube-acquired knitting skills means she could make you a slightly lumpy sweater — from really cool wool.

Lindsay is persistent, inquisitive and thrives on new challenge.

Her expertise plus your innovation? The sky’s the limit.



Michigan State University (B.S. Astrophysics, 2005; B.S. Physics, 2006). McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (M.S. Astrophysics, 2008). Grand Valley State University (M.S. Computer Information Systems, in progress).