Natalie Armstrong

Patent Engineer

Natalie Armstrong owns 34 hammers. That’s what happens when you grow up in your dad’s woodworking shop, banging together wood scraps for years, then marry a guy who can fix anything. Hammers multiply.

Natalie has put her hammering skills to good use, traveling the country and the world on mission trips, re-building houses for people devastated by hurricanes and tornados — and teaching them skills so they can carry on.

A natural teacher, she spent 13 years teaching required physics classes to college students who hated the subject. Natalie won them over. Some even switched their majors to physics.

She'll win you over, too. Smart, vibrant, funny, Natalie is fascinated by space exploration and loves fixing up old trucks. She can’t wait to see what innovation you have that might change the world.

Passionate about science, she’s shared her skills at Science Olympiads and Super Science Saturdays and taught the wonder of avionics to middle school girls. She’s tutored inner-city kids who needed extra help, then watched, thrilled, as many went on to college and advanced degrees.

Want to talk about power tools, inventions, or the marvels of science? Give Natalie a call. Feel free to borrow a hammer.



Grand Valley State University (M.E. with Physics Emphasis, 2007; B.S. Mathematics, 2003).