Vivien Kimbrough

Administrative Assistant

We all have someone who has known us since the early days. Whether it was a childhood friend, someone who helped you get through school, or a first job colleague, we all can thank those special people who have stood firm when we needed them. For McGarry Bair, Vivien Kimbrough is that person. She's our corporate version of "seen it, done it, been there."

For more than 14 years, Vivien has shared our vision of what McGarry Bair could and should become. She worked with us while we were at Varnum and shares our passion for patent and trademark law. Currently, she dockets incoming trademark mail, conducts trademark availability searches for clients, reviews office actions, drafts responses to the office actions, and prepares trademark applications.

A very grounded person, Vivien places high priority on her family and having fun. She's solid in her vision and laughs often. She's teaching her children to be bold in their convictions, yet respectful in their pursuit of their goals. We like to think that we'll always be part of her family and that she will always be looking out for us and for you.



Grand Rapids Community College (Associates Degree, Legal Secretarial Studies).